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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

The current goal (which I give myself the power to change later if I want to) for the number of Qubicle Quilts that needed to be completed before listing on is 15. Of which I have currently completed.... one. But I consider this one to be QUITE the beauty, so I'm not about to beat myself up about it. Here it is, front and back (minus the officially sanctioned Hear Me Roar label), in all of its glory:

The quote on this one "The person who can bring the spirit of laughter into a room is indeed blessed" by Bennett Cerf. The theme of laughter in my Qubicle Quilts is a recurring one, and for those who don't know me, let me explain why.

I have the wonderful fortune to share my life with the best of bunkmates, my amazing Travis. This marvelous man has chosen as his "day job" (which is at night), that of a stand-up Comedian (with a capital 'C'). I will write in more depth on future entries about what living with a comedian is like, but let me just introduce the concept the way it was introduced to me in our early getting-to-know-you conversations.

He: Well you know, I don't plan on ever getting married, and serious relationships have always been hard for me

She: Oh, okay... well why are they hard for you? (Smart question for a woman to ask don't you think?)

He: Because I'm a comedian, and that will always be my first love.

At the time that was fine with me. I mean, aren't men usually the best judges of whether they're unfit for human consumption? But still I sensed the man had a heart of gold. After all, he helped me move after only knowing me a month.

To be with a comedian means spending most nights alone. If he's touring nationally, of course you can spend weeks alone. Comedians don't want to talk about anything that does not involve one of their jokes before a show or after a show, which is the only time you'll see them. Comedians eat, sleep, and breathe comedy, but they're not always going to laugh at your jokes. Comedians like to analyze That Which Is Funny, and mine the minutiae of your everyday life for material. This analysis is not to be confused with actual listening, as that's a separate and rare thing entirely. Comedians live to talk to other comedians, so having a cell phone as their only means of communication is a bad idea. Give them walkie talkies, sky-writers, a staff of translators, carrier pigeons, Pony Express Riders, bicycle couriers, Blackberrys, Sidekicks, Helios (which is not a phone), so they can constantly be communicating with other comedians. If they're not talking to other comedians, they will want to talk to every person in the grocery store, or the post office, or the gynecologist's office. If you're with a comedian, you will no longer "blend".

But for all of these quirks I am honest when I say I am with the most wonderful man in the world. For every wacky conspiracy theory he has that makes me batty, we have a hundred small conversations about real things that matter in the world where he's used his analytical mind to break the topic down to the basics, and then made me laugh. About Don Imus: "It didn't matter WHAT he said, it mattered WHO he said it to. If he'd called the girls on Flavor of Love 'Nappy Headed Hos' he would have had a high five from Jessie Jackson himself!" Now how many women get that kind of commentary with their morning coffee? Yes, being with a comedian is certainly a challege. But this man is a great one, and I can take any challenge head on. Hear Me Roar!

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