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Friday, May 11, 2007

What Would You Do...

How does that quote go... "What would you do if you knew you could not fail?". This question is everywhere these days, and yet I still think not enough people know the answer. What does it mean to be living your Best Life, to be your Personal Best, to Live Life as though you had wings? What would you do with your life if money wasn't an issue?

Let's see... for me if I could not fail I would open my own shop filled with lovely things made by female artists from all over the world. But if money wasn't an issue what would I do with my life?

I want to change the world. There are so many great ideas out there for changing the world in small ways, and I'm living my life with the hope that one day soon I will be one of the people that helps change the world, in whatever small way I can. Here's an organization that I think any woman trying to make a business for herself in a stable country can support: Women For Women International. You can sponsor a woman who has been affected by war, buy items from their store, donate money or time, do whatever it takes. As Ghandi once said "Be the change you wish to see in the world".

For Christmas this past year we sponsored a child each in the names of Boo and Travelous through Plan USA, and bought bees in Baby's name through Heifer International. Very small contributions in the greater scope of things, but how priceless is this letter that Boo wrote to her sponsored child from Pakistan, Rakhel:

Okay, I'm off my soap box now. I promise next time will be about something different!


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dottie angel said...

we have been sponsoring children through plan international for over ten years...once i had kids, i knew we needed to help other kids less fortunate than our own...definately a great cause!