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Monday, May 28, 2007

Happy Memorial Day to ALL

I want to start by offering enormous congratulations to Tif for gracing the cover of the NW Life section of the Seattle paper today, looking so lovely. Seeing how gorgeous her studio looks it would make anyone want to live the dottie angel life! Yeay Tif!
I've said it before, and I'll say it again; I met Tif in an unlikely place at a time when I needed to feel alive about the creation side of me all over again. The woman can talk anyone into just about anything, but she really helped me feel a renewed love for creating things, and to trust myself enough to branch out a little bit. So in that spirit, I have come up with the new (drum roll please....)

QQ Teenies!

The QQ Teenies are smaller (MUCH smaller) Qubicle Quilts for people like me, who work out in the public eye and don't have unlimited decorating license. The idea for these came simply from Tif seeing me at work one day, sitting at my desk and saying "Why do you not have any of your work here?" in that delightful accent. The actual reason is that my Qubicle Quilts have a tendency to get pretty large out of my sheer exuberance for their creation, so I decided to reign it in a bit. These teeny wonders are made with all the care and attention to detail as their bigger sisters, but they're small enough to safety pin to your backpack, if that's about as corporate as you get. Hopefully the idea will be a hit, but thanks for listening while I explained that all.

And now for today's special guest, the little guy who mysteriously disappeared in January after only two weeks of use. This little guy represents 2 weeks straight of lunch hour knitting, some cussing when I realize I made a major error (that I decided not to take out), and a LOT of love to make such a complicated (for me) pattern during the holidays. Meet Green Guy, the Nameless Dragon! (Baby has chosen not to give a proper name).
To be honest, this was a doable pattern even for me, and I consider it to be my most-favorite-thing-I've-ever-knitted. The kit can be purchased here, and this is one of the cushiest, softest, brightest wool yarns I've ever touched in my life. I know not many people are knitting right now, but since Green Guy showed back up in our lives this weekend I thought it only fair that he have a bit of a plug.
Thank you to our friends Tony and Karen for an amazing BBQ yesterday, and especially for still inviting us even though we are so stubborn about leaving the house. We had a great time!


JenniferJo said...

um yeah, i went to buy the fish tiny qq and it is not there ....saving it for yourself??

dottie angel said...

i love the ttqq's and i hope to see one lurking in your qubicle next time i visit...thanks so much for your lovely words...

Bonny said...

Your cubicle quilts are a GREAT idea - best of luck with them! Love the dragon too - can almost feel his fiery breath :)

Hear Me Roar! said...

Okay Jennifer Jo, you caught me! I only list one thing at a time so I can spread it out a bit. I'll put the fish up today :o)

Of COURSE Tif, you are doing so much this year, I'm so grateful for all of the advice and ideas, whether they're intentional or un.

And thank you Bonny! Check out that link, they have some awesome patterns!