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Saturday, May 26, 2007


It's nearing the end of what has felt like a very long week! A few hours of work today, and then I plan to vegetate if possible for the remainder of the weekend. Life's been busy, but oddly enough that translates into nothing at all to write about. I don't think you want to hear about my Leadership Training class, my exciting conference call at work, or the new job I'm putting in for. So instead, how about this:

This little beauty has popped up for the past two summers in the horrible mess that is my backyard. I consider it my little tenacious beauty in a sea of tangle. It is actually growing through the branches of an overgrown bush that is taking up half of my little yard, so these flowers are pretty leggy to pop up and bloom over the other stuff, but bloom they do. Believe it or not in Alaska I had an amazing yard in which I new the name (common AND latin) of every single plant in my care. That my friends, is the difference between owning and renting. I owned in Alaska, I rent here in Pleasantville. And methinks they will be doing something heinous to my humble rented abode come fall, because last year they only let us renew our lease for 10 months. So come September I will not be surprised if our humbleville homes become just a distant memory.

Another day in Pleasantville. Have a wonderful weekend friends!


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dottie angel said...

you are very good with counting, no wonder you work in a bank...and me i am very good with 'avoidance' which i believe will be Thing #6...