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Monday, May 21, 2007

Going, Going, Gone!

I am proud to announce that yesterday I sold my first Qubicle Quilt on to my dear and wonderful friend Jennifer Jo, who I have not seen in far too long. It was only after I got the Etsy notice of sale that I panicked just a bit, realizing that I only had a vague idea of what steps were to come next. I felt like I did the time I tried skydiving, and had to talk out loud to myself so as to not lose all sanity. So in regards to the etsy sale, I think this first one is a little clumsy, and I'm hopeful that Jennifer will be a bit more forgiving than a complete stranger would. The first thing I did when I woke up this morning, was to rush out and buy everything I felt a good package from etsy should have.

I think I may have overthought it just a tad.

Us self-taught artsy types try a bit too hard to impress, don't you think?
So I forgot to send a personal thank you to my friend I haven't seen for years, who convinced me to get on Etsy, who was my first actual sale... but I hope she'll notice the box has fancy tape.

Another rainy day in Pleasantville, but Boo had a great soccer game, after which the kid-dos blew bubbles in between raindrops. Have I mentioned that I have the best kids in the world?

I finally caught a picture of these two walking home from the busstop

Some days I feel like the luckiest Babe in the world...




Congratulations on the sale!

Bonny said...

Your first sale is always so cool - and a bit frightening :) Congrats! And your kids look like they're having SO much fun!

Kim - ScrapToMyLu said...

thanks for stopping by my blog......todayscreativeblog.

hey, we're in the same state.