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Friday, May 18, 2007

In the News

I'm not typically one to gripe about the news (anymore), since I'm trying hard to stop complaining about things and to be a positive person. It's hard when you're linked to a guy who questions things for a living though, and we often find ourselves in some pretty heated political discussions. I do have to talk about the latest thing, because I've been following it for a few days and my jaw keeps dropping lower and lower.

It starts when the Mom of a 3 year old decides to go clubbing in downtown Seattle with a friend, but can't find a babysitter. She brings junior along, and leaves him in the car while in the club. Junior is found after midnight wandering around a parking lot in downtown Seattle.

The police take the kid into custody, then a few days later give him back.

Before the kid was given back to Mommie Dearest, Trav asked me if I felt sorry for her. The conversation lasted about 5 minutes, in which he asked me 10 different ways if I didn't feel at least the eensiest bit sorry for her, and which my answer every time was a resounding, certain "no!". I honestly don't believe every person has it all cut out to be a great parent, and I think the kids in their care are having a great disservice done to them by remaining in their care. Apparently I'm in the minority though, because the latest article in the paper is loaded with reasons as to why we should feel sorry for her. "Everyone makes mistakes" would not be a good defense if the kid had not turned out okay, am I right?
***Stepping off my soapbox now***

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