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Friday, April 11, 2008

The Way Things Are

Today's horoscope (courtesy of Sara), which kind of sums things up...

Today's Leo Horoscope: Apr 11, 2008

Everyone must once in a while analyze
their lives. But when you ponder over your life, you tend to be too
pessimistic. You get carried away easily and often exaggerate. Today, as you
think about your life, try not listening to that little voice in your head.
Your life is far from being the way you think it is.


I'm greatful for Sara, the other wonderful friends in my life, the healthy and amazing kiddos, and of course the possibilities. Life would be nothing without the possibilities.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

I'm Still Standing(ish)!

The last month has FLOWN by, and I only wish I had more exciting news to report. The truth of the matter is that (as every stranger on the street has felt compelled to tell me) this injury is a doozy to heal, and you aren’t out flipping cartwheels (or cleaning house) while the process is taking place. Quite honestly most of my energy is spent during the hours I’m at the day job, and by the time I crutch my way from the front door to the couch I’m literally spent. Being the single mother of two kids when you’re on crutches can really be trying when all the light bulbs in the house start going out at once in some kind of synchronized taunt. Should we even MENTION the disastrous attempt at Easy Mac by the two enterprising young children of mine; an attempt which resulted in a small fire, the smell of burnt plastic indelibly permeating the entire house to this day, and blackened lumps of macaroni being scraped out of the previously brand new microwave.

Circumstances being what they are though I have no REAL complaints worth anyone’s time reading about… I am healing very well and any pain has been completely bearable. According to the surgeon I have an incredibly high tolerance for pain, which seems to be serving me quite well for the time being. The light bulbs have been refreshed thanks to a surprise visit from the 6’7 ex a week ago, and the dishes have been done by a surprise visit from the 5’11 ex (and father of the kiddos) for this week’s Spring Break. Tomorrow marks the official 7 week anniversary of “the accident”, and though I’m still on crutches I’m fortunate enough to keep losing weight on them… which was one of the more vain of my concerns if you’ll remember… LOL

I’m grateful that I remain friends with my exes, that the kids haven’t completely lost patience with me yet, that I can still wear at least one cute shoe at a time, that I’ve made some new friends due to being out of commission for so long, and that through it all I see definite signs of promise on the horizon. Now if only we could MEET….

- Tasha