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Thursday, May 17, 2007

O Sleepy Day

I'm feeling a bit sleepy today, looking forward to a long day of work and PTSA meeting and getting home after 9pm. There will be no time for creating tonight my little chickadees, not if logic wins out. My house is suffering beyond all reason, and at this point we have to bar the door from anyone enterting. There are times when I feel spread a little more thinly than others, and whenever I'm at home the state of the house slaps me in the face with it's dirtiness, and screams at me that I've abandoned it. The kiddos are happy and well adjusted though, it's just the house that holds everything against me. Oh yes, I one day dream of hiring a maid. And then I wake up and realize that everyone cleans before the maid comes, and what I really need is an intervention.


ellene said...

Hi Tasha, thanks so much for commenting! I'm gonna go check out your etsy right now~ keep in touch:)

dottie angel said...

oh the miles of piles and piles, it is proof that you are a true crafter!