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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Your motto for today

I admitted before that I took some pictures at the park in anticipation for those days when I don't know what to blog. Today is one of those days. So I present to you, Dear Reader, the motto of the day:

For the past two weeks as a sort of boost during the day at work, I've walked around with my little bag of stones, asking everyone to pick their "Motto of the Day". They're all nice, they're all good for a smile, and they all will help me blog when I'm stuck. My sister bought these a few years ago from here, and I'd been eyeing them since she opened the box when they came in the mail. She gave them to me a few weeks ago, and I've been carrying them around since.

So unfortunately that's all for me today, as I've already posted another item on Etsy, and need to get ready for work today.

Enjoy your world!


1 comment:

dottie angel said...

oh my you have caught 'bloggers block' from me...i had one of those days yesterday!!