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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Words of Wisdom

This bit of wisdom is the quote I chose tonight for the newest QQ I've been working on... so chosen after a conversation with my friend Jennifer Jo, who is debating on opening her own Etsy shop. I won't "out" our conversation here (THIS time), but suffice it to say it was weighing on my mind while searching for the quote to end all quotes.
The quote was especially perfect because I did the lettering on my sewing machine, and I needed the quote to be short so I would have time to catch the American Idol finale. Oh yes, sometimes art can be influenced by dark and evil forces.
Please don't hold it against me.


dottie angel said...

i need to watch you and your machine in action...quite frankly i am gobsmacked by your lettering!

JenniferJo said...

Thank you for the post...I am slowly working on my art.