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Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Truth

I think it's time for me to finally come clean about why it's been hard for me to write recently. I mean yes, it has been hot, and yes, I don't have a camera. But the ugly truth brings me to Lemon Event #3 (read the previous entry). I should have known these things always come in threes...

Lemon Event #3 - Breaking up is hard to do, even if you started it.

Lemonade Response - Look for the silver lining. To date three ceiling light fixtures have broken due to 6'7" tall man stretching. Replace fixtures and rest assured this will not happen again. Take pride in knowing that possession of the remote control for the TV is finally in the hands of the most worthy party. Appreciate that crying hard enough is almost the same as exercise. Recognize that there's a lot of ice cream in the world to be eaten before one person can take up an entire king-size bed. Trust that this is one of those moments that eventually makes a person stronger.
And now for a serving of gratitude: friendships, the best children in the world, a hard-earned job promotion, and health.

Be Well and Do Good,


Gigibird said...

Now I can't see you have no comments can I?
Remote control wars - my husband always has the volume up too much and gets all snotty if I mention it - so I like possession.
Blogging - it's a funny old business. When I started mine I never got any comments - I get a few now but it's a mystery to me how some blogs get hundreds....I don't think I'd like it, but as I'm so opinionated it's unlikely I'll ever find out!
Are you a friend of Tif?

jenniferjo said...

why do my comments work some days and not others???


Bonny said...

You've got a great attitude towards the things to be grateful about - these are the things that make life worthwhile. Hang in there - it WILL get better :)