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Friday, July 20, 2007

The Long Weekend

Today's the first of a four day weekend for me, one with lofty goals of getting some things made for the shop, giving the house and yard a total makeover, and making memories with the kiddos. So far today has been marginally successful, as Boo, Baby, and I went to Paint Away the local paint your own pottery place and painted us up some fun, followed by my taking a nap on the couch. The place was too busy to take photos, so for today's picture show I think I'll unveil the new paint job on my Mom's house, which has been a few months in the making. Mom has decided to do all the painting herself with actual brushes. Apparently that's unheard of these days... These were taken last weekend, and artfully obscure the scaffolding and chipped paint on the places that aren't finished yet.

And now, the gratitude: Awesome new neighbors (for the first time in two years) for the kids to play with , a day to be lazy, a computer that's limping along enough for me to post this blog post and one more thing at the shop, and a wonderfully rainy day to stay cool and be nostalgic.

Be Well and Do Good,


Cheri said...

Your Mom has always been amazing like that. :)

Bonny said...

I always have lofty goals for my weekends - and never seem to have enough time to get them all done! (maybe it's cause I get too caught up in other things *sigh*)

Lazy days can be the best!

nellableu said...

where are you???