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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The One About Gratitude

I'm reading the book I bought a few weeks ago, and it made a point that I thought worth working into my blog. It's the same point that Oprah made many years ago, but apparently it takes me about ten years to catch on. The book says that people who make a conscious choice to be grateful for things are much more likely to accomplish their goals, and that the two main roadblocks for gratitude are self-entitlement and self absorption (funny, I thought one of them might be thieves stealing your car stereo). I've always known that I wanted to be a glass-half-full person. But sometimes that can take a little more thought and effort if it doesn't come naturally. So in an effort to be more grateful, I've taken these recent lemon events from my own life, and turned them into lemonade.

Lemon Event #1 - Stolen car stereo
Lemonade Response - Recognize the beauty of not getting into a vehicle with the station tuned to Randi Rhodes on Air America (nails on a chalkboard). Reuse the same picture of the hole where the stereo used to be in an effort to provide dynamic content on my blog.

Lemon Event #2 - Broken Camera
Lemonade Response - Begin to think of other ways to illustrate personal blog so as to keep reader(s) attention. Currently working on ability to draw stick figures that accurately illustrate my extra 50 pounds.

I wish I could provide more examples, but I couldn't think of any more Lemon Events. Apparently this is working already... Unfortunately though, the truth of the matter is that the dead camera means reusing old photos for awhile, to keep things interesting. Of course the upside would be that people with bad memories and new readers alike will never even notice. I hope to replace the camera soon, but that would take a couple of sales in the shop. In time Grasshopper, it will come.

So the newest blog feature will be what I'm thankful for. Tonight I am thankful that tomorrow is a holiday, and that we will be spending time and having great conversation with friends. I am grateful for the little bit of extra time I had with Boo tonight, watching some Bill Cosby Himself from 1983 and talking about physical comedy. And of course, I am grateful that we all have our health.

And now, some pictures of Boo picking out the raisins in her granola bar on our zoo trip a few weeks ago. You have to admire the concentration...


Jenn said...

Very inspiring! I love the idea of focusing on what you are thankful full.

Cindy said...

And I'm so grateful for the kinda daughter that is patient while my granddaughter eats a grain of oatmeal at a time so as not to mistakenly eat a raisin! While life is nicer with a stereo and camera just imagine how much character your trials are building.....soon you will be as eccentric as your mommy dearest! Love you and you can borrow my camera.

Felicia said...

You're an inspiration for us all to look on the bright side :)