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Saturday, July 7, 2007


This is the post in which I am giddy with excitement because I got the promotion I've been after! Hooray for me! I see a new camera in the future... with wonderful pictures for my blog.

Unfortunately, the new camera will not happen today. Which means you, Dear Reader(s) will miss out on today's event, a wonderful parade here in Pleasantville. What's that? A parade in Pleasantville? Yeppers... it's the annual Redmond Derby Days Parade, and it's my first time attending (in which I will be manning a booth on behalf of my day job). Parades are rife with photographic opportunities, but alas... I must be content to use my mind to capture the festivities. Blech. So here's my random blog photo of today: The boy from yesterday (my son, affectionately referred to as "Baby") demonstrating his favorite part of the recent trip to the zoo - the eating. Mouth full of pretzels, clutching his lunchbag which is apparently soon to sprout a leak, and also charged with carrying his own coat ("I can't eat with my coat on..."). He would NOT give up that lunchbag for anything.

And today I am grateful for waking up early to get ready for a beautiful day of working out in a booth in the sunshine, the outpouring of support from all the people at work who congratulated me on my promotion, the curtains that I will be making this weekend, and the one plant I have purchased for the yard that I am trying to nurse through the heatwave we're having. And of course a happy, healthy family.



dottie angel said...

HURRAH for you and your promotion
HURRAH for you and your day out of the cubicle and basking in sunshine
HURRAH for you, just you...

JenniferJo said...

Yippee! Congratulations!! I want to hear about your promotion!! Thank you for the package in the mail. great idea!!!