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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Git 'R Done

It was another long weekend, and this time I decided to stick close to home for most of it to get stuff done (instead of driving to my Mom's house feeling I should be home getting stuff done). So I did a few putting around the house things, including mending the button on these pants, which makes me overwhelmingly proud, because I hate mending anything.

I decided at 10 o'clock at night to make a cover for this ottoman from some material that I had on hand, so I went from this (a piece we're borrowing from Travis's Dad):To this:

Which I personally think is a VAST improvement.

I also had a mini-breakdown in which I called my Mom and complained that I was sick of all the rectangles in my house. "What would make you feel better?" asked well-intended Mommy Dearest. "CIRCLES!" Said her bratty firstborn. But then I bought this lamp on the right, and felt instantly better:
Mommy Dearest also advised that I start small in my apartment makeover, and work on making one small corner of my rented home into something I like. So I went from this (which I thought was a good idea a year ago):

To this (which is a good idea for me now): I also changed the things on my mantel to get away from that "too many rectangles" thing. When almost an entire wall of your living room is a brick fireplace, it's easy to feel overwhelmed by rectangles!And now for today's gratitude: That tomorrow I am officially official in my promotion, that I have a little bit of art back on my walls, that Trav is spending some much needed time bonding with family, and that I'm finally making a sock animal (more on that at a later date).

Be Well and Do Good!



Cindy said...

I like your changes.So hoow many circles did you add? Is your mental health improved by these empty O's? I like the looks as though you painted the tv, did you? Remember Barbivision? Now if you had a picture of that, you could have yourself one heck of a blog but it might be embarrassing but none the less your mommy dearest is here to remind you of silly phases in your past!

Bonny said...

Since I have very small rooms and can't really move the furniture itself, I am always changing around the accessories. Plants are a must and about the only constant (although their locations get changed quite a bit!) - your new looks are fabulous!

Hear Me Roar! said...

Thank you both for your lovely comments regarding my new look! No mother dearest, I only added the one circle, and rearranged the stuff on the mantel. Those small acts helped calm the freak-out. I know I have a picture of the Barbie TV somewhere, I'll have to dig it out for some blog fodder!

Galadriel Thompson said...

Hey! One whole wall of our living room is limestone cut into rectangles! I change it up by turning rectangular pieces on their ends and putting them next to shorter yet still somewhat tall pieces of pottery or candles. Sorry, I didn't clarify, I do all this on my mantel and with the furniture and art work in the room. You can see a pic of it on my blog. or right here...