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Sunday, June 3, 2007

The one with the new (used) lawnmower

It all started when we found out we were staying where we're at instead of having to move in the fall. As soon as we found that out, we kicked in to home improvement mode. Since we only have a postage stamp sized yard in our Pleasantville rental, we decided we could get one of these:

Very quickly we realized (let me stop here and admit that everywhere I say "we", Travis will interject with "you mean YOU") that one tiny lawnmower was not able to tackle the years and years of neglect our postage stamp of Americana had faced. The people who lived here before us thouroughly trashed the place, and this is the first lawnmower we've had on our property, and we've lived here a year and a half. So next we bought these. And I wish I'd taken some before pictures because to look at the 'new' backyard, you wouldn't know how much work Me, Boo, and Baby did yesterday.

The tree on the right and the little tree on the left were so overgrown, they used to touch. There were so many branches from one or the other of these trees, that if I'd taken this same picture yesterday morning, you would have seen no grass through all the branches. Now I just have pounds of silvery green leaves to rake up.

I have to share this picture of Baby today, trying to dress up like a cowboy in the middle of 90 degree heat:

Please note the matching sharks on the shirt and swimming trunks, as Baby is very proud of that.

And let me end on this; the kids from the upstairs window, after drenching each other with water. Did I mention it's HOT today?


Bonny said...

Don't you just love yardwork? Not a big fan but I do LOVE the results! Kids looked like they had some fun ;)

Cindy said...

So did that fancy lawn mower work? Have you baled up the hay yet?

Kelli said...

This is great info to know.