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Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Wall of Broken Instruments

The house is not coming along as quickly as I'd hoped, given that we have a Christmas Party scheduled for Scottie's co-workers looming on the horizon (December 12th!?), but every once in awhile we take the time to put something together just because it feels right. Enter, the Wall of Broken Instruments:

The first time I visited Scott's apartment, I noticed he had two instruments hanging artfully on his wall; an obviously broken violin, and a (not so obviously) broken trombone. As with all things having to do with Scott, I thought this was awesome. Not only was it exactly the sort of thing I would do, but I actually had my own collection of broken violins. Obviously, this relationship was meant to be.

Once upon a time, my mother dated a man who lived with his grandmother (my mother has, at times, also been a Sucker for Strays). Grandma Storbakken repaired broken violins, and she had HUNDREDS of them, mostly stacked in their cases in her bathtub. My mom's relationship with Grandma Storbakken lasted longer than her relationship with the grandson, and eventually we ended up with about ten broken violins. My sister and I each picked out our favorites, and I proudly displayed mine in my room until the time when I moved off to Alaska. She's pared down the collection over the years, but the last remaining holdouts have now joined Scottie Doo's trombone and violin for our wall.

And this is how we begin the combining of two lives that have been very separate until now. One little bit at a time.

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