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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Best Thing

Okay, maybe it's only ONE of the best things, but it's still a best thing nonetheless. One of the BEST things about moving in with Scott, is that once we get finished unpacking all of these damn boxes, we get to hang the art! I think I may have mentioned it in passing, but I'm sure I didn't expand on it at the time. Scott is an artist. He can actually think up a picture in his head and then draw or paint it. I think that is magic. I play around with material and shoot people scathing looks if they call me a crafter, but he is unquestionably one who makes art. And NOW I get to be a person who lives in a house that has REAL ART on the walls!

Not all of this will hang on our walls, but you definitely get to see what I mean when I say the guy is magic. How on earth did I end up with such an amazing person in my life?

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