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Saturday, November 1, 2008


I've been absent of late, dear reader(s), and the only explanation is that my life right this moment is in total and complete chaos. Let me reassure you straight away that the chaos is of the good sort however, and then settle in while I give you a timeline:

09/27/2008 - Scott takes Tasha to a town she's never been to before, and she falls in love with the town. If you had been eavesdropping on the conversation in the car on the drive back to Pleasantville, you might have heard Tasha ask Scott if he'd want to live in this perfect town, "maybe in a year or so".

10/04/2008 - Scott and Tasha decide to take Boo and Baby plus nephew to Perfect Town, for a fun day of shopping. Whilst driving around in neighborhoods off the planned itinerary, Scott spots a 'For Rent' sign and suggests Tasha should call on it. Tasha complies, thinking Scott is curious about the market in Perfect Town. Tasha tells Scott how much rent is, then admits that even though rent would be $100 cheaper than what she is currently paying, the increase in costs for the commute would not make it worthwhile to move now. Scott tells Tasha a secret, which is that he thinks he's ready to move in with her.

10/06/2008 - Scott and Tasha drive out to Perfect Town, and put in an application to rent house built in 1912.

10/09/2008 - Scott and Tasha learn they are not The Chosen Ones for 1912 house.

10/10/2008 - Not knowing where they will be moving in Perfect Town, but knowing they have to make a decision today, both Scott and Tasha put in notices to vacate their current dwellings. They have advised their respective landlords that they will be moving out Tasha is concerned she might need her head examined for making such a rash decision, however the call of Perfect Town and Best Guy Ever are very enticing. Tasha foolishly thinks she'll be able to move four people, two dogs, and two cats from two different places in 20 days, even though she doesn't even know where they'll be moving to. Tasha believes that with Scott, all things are possible.

10/12/2008 - Tasha goes out of town for a work-related overnight stay. She leaves Scott in the hands of old friend Jody, to go looking for places to live. Jody is a real estate agent, and has secret resources for such things. They find one house that seems great, and call Tasha as she sits on a chartered bus full of co-workers on her way to Oregon. Tasha is happy they found a place, but is lukewarm on the particulars. New house in a new area of Perfect Town, in a neighborhood with lots of rules. Tasha hates neighborhoods with rules.

10/14/2008 (a.m.) - The house Jody and Scott saw is not available, but there is another house in the same (ugh) neighborhood, also less than 5 years old (ugh again). Jody wants Tasha to see it after work. Scott tells Tasha there is another house they looked at on Sunday that he thinks she'll like, and tells Tasha to ask Jody to look at it. Jody says she can if they really want to, but tells Tasha that Scott really didn't seem to like it when they looked at it the first time, and must only be suggesting it to make Tasha happy. Jody says the house is on a busy street and it's old. Jody says it won't be as good for the kids. Jody says it doesn't have a park with a climbing wall next door. Tasha still wants to look at it, and has to insist about 20 times via email.

10/14/2008 (p.m.) - Tasha hates the neighborhood of the newer house, and hates the newer house itself. She stands in the backyard with Scott to discuss whether they want to apply to rent the house, and she feels the surrounding two story houses looming over her from the back and both sides of the yard, and thinks they might be taking all of the available oxygen, because she feels like she can't breathe. They decide no, and get lost trying to leave the colossal neighborhood of identical houses, complete with identical plants in identical front yards. They pass the sign that they first saw when driving in, which says "All license plates are recorded by video surveillance". Tasha shudders. Over dinner with Jody, Tasha insists they see the older house that Jody hates. Jody is reluctant, but concedes. Tasha loves it.
10/15/2008 - Jody informs Tasha that the original place, the one Scott loved so much, is available. Tasha panics a little, not knowing which one Scott will want to try for. Scott says to try for the one Tasha loves. Jody insists Scott will be miserable, and that the kids were "creeped out" by it.

10/16/2008 - Application accepted, everything looks good.

10/17/2008-10/20/2008 - Mostly packing and freaking out. With two places to pack and clean, and two deposits to get back, tension levels are high.

10/21/2008 - Indoor soccer. Scott and Tasha play for Tasha's work team, despite fear of re-injuring Tasha's achilles tendon. Everyone finishes unscathed, although the game was lost.

10/22/2008 - More packing and freaking out
10/23/2008 - The walk through with the leasing agent. He tells about the house, and Tasha falls more in love. It was built sometime between 1894 and 1901 at a different location in Perfect Town, then eventually moved to where it sits now. The lot it sits on used to be quite a bit bigger, but the city divided the lot to put in a road (which explains why it sits on a triangular piece of land). The cedar tree in the yard is hundreds of years old.

10/24/2008 - The actual moving in begins after Tasha puts in a half day at the office. Of course half as much is accomplished as was expected.
10/25/2008 - More moving of Tasha's house, and preliminary packing of Scott's house.
10/26/2008 - Moving of Scott's house
10/29/2008 - Tasha takes most of a day off to clean her house. There's a lot more to be done than she expected. When Scott gets off work they head to his house to "finish" cleaning there. There's more to be done than expected. Head home at 10pm, feeling like there's still a ton to be done.
10/30/2008 - After work Tasha decides to try and get some unpacking done at the new house. Tasha decides to surprise Scott (who is at his house again, moving the last of the boxes), by attempting to arrange the living room. The couch falls through one of the bay windows.
10/31/2008 - Tasha calls glass companies from work, and Scott spends his day off finishing up at his old house. He turns in the keys. One down, two to go!
11/01/2008 - It's Saturday, and Tasha has to put in a full day at the office. Before work they head to the Uhaul to rent a vehicle for hauling stuff from Tasha's old house to the dump. Things get a little harried when they learn that the vehicle available at 9am won't work, and they'll have to come back at 3:30pm. With the dump closing at 5:30pm it will be cutting it tight, but there are no other options. They make it to the dump with two minutes to spare.
11/02/2008 - Tasha puts in about 6 hours at the old house (including the emergency trip to Target when it's discovered that the old house has **no** toilet paper), and then calls it good. The house looks better than when they moved in for the most part, excluding the paint splatters in the dining room from the budding Jackson Pollack who we call Solstice.
11/04/08 - Tasha is trying to regain her sanity.

(This post was started November 1st, but not published until November 4th)


dottie angel said...

"omg" right! i have discovered the very same 'pleasantsville' just two months ago....and my heart was left there two months ago...i knew i would be most happy to live there forever, but i also knew this would never happen! but it has happened to you and that is even better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you are so right not to move into one of 'those' homes, take it from me, i made that mistake and it took me eight years to 'surface' and breathe again....

you deserve it all my girl, you really do....

hugging herself with happiness that is radiating out of this wonderful post...
Tif x

Anonymous said...

What a b---- you had no one to help!!

Galadriel Thompson said...

Sounds like so much fun!! Good luck with everything!

Chopper said...

Woo! Glad to hear it's going so well. Had noticed you left your previous locale and was wondering.

Hear Me Roar! said...

Yes, I should correct the record and mention that I DID have help, in the form of my dear mother, sister, and nephew, and a couple of Scott's friends. I did not wish to suggest that I had no help at all, as if that were the case I would still be in the process of moving. I am grateful for ALL of the help I had, and hope to someday thank everyone by having them over for a nice dinner in a house that is completely unpacked. As it stands, I do not currently have a house that is completely unpacked...