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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

And the Award for Zen Moment of the Day Goes To...

I'm taking a moment to breathe a little deeply right now, because I have my oven door hanging open downstairs with an entire pizza's worth of hot cheese currently gobbing up the space between where the door meets the oven. There's a stinging burn on my right arm where I singed it on the top of the oven while attempting to remove the delicious pizza, which is either the cause or effect that made the pizza end up all over the bottom of the oven. Despite all of this, somehow, I feel peaceful.

You see... the Best Guy Ever is already on his way over with Dog One and Dog Two, Luna and Sol's new favorite friends. So all I had to do to repair the mess made of dinner was to call Best Guy Ever and ask him to get another pizza.

I could cry at the simplicity of it all.

The week since my birthday has proven that fairy tales don't always end at midnight and dream guys really can get better and better. When I say I adore this guy, I really and truly mean it. Did I mention that the week after we go on our four day mini vacation he has offered to help me clean my garage (once and for all purging my life forever of horrible ex-boyfriend's useless belongings!) AND change my oil?! I think somehow every single relationship I've been in to this point has earned me enough karma points for this relationship right now. If that's how it had to be... well I'm pretty much okay with that. Which brings me to my interesting coincidence of the week:

Of the four relationships I consider myself to have had in my life, I've had emails from three of the exes this week. I'll be honest; obviously interaction with the kids' dad is pretty normal, since he talks to the kids on a daily basis. And my first ex-husband has been known to send me a message or two once every three months or so, so that's not that unusual. But the other one... my first love from 1991-1994, well that's different, since I hadn't actually heard anything from him since 1994. And he found me on myspace, which I don't make easy since my profile is private, my name has changed twice, and my profile picture is just of my eye. But somehow, he found me. And his message? THE message he decided to send after 14 years?

"I never said I'm sorry for having hurt you chica. Gary."

I just thought it was funny really. Obviously the universe wants to show me just how amazing and wonderful Best Guy Ever is, by reminding me of what there has been. And there is something truly great about that. Thank you universe!

And now I have some cooled down cheese to scoop up, because the replacement pizza is here...



Cindy said...

Ah My Little Adult,
You must realize that the hell was to effectively demonstrate the contrast thats available in the universe and to prove to you that you deserve to be where you are today with Best Guy Ever. Ah, yes the simplicity indeed!

Anonymous said...

I love bottom of oven, where the door meets the oven, cheese; it's delicious. Just how many ex-husbands do you have? How does your new boyfriend feel about all of this contact you're having with your ex's? This is really interesting, your blog is completely awesome. I'm riveted and can't wait to see what's next.

S-dog money