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Monday, June 9, 2008


Part of getting back into the habit of writing is finding some things worth writing about. I’ve looked at some of the blogs out there, and notice that not everyone writes something that is pure genius each day, so in the spirit of blogging, I am now using one of my Free Blogger Passes, entitling me to a day of genius-free blogging. Since this blog is essentially my world and I can make up the rules as I go along, I reserve the right to use the pass whenever I feel like it. I also would like to make a commandment that anyone who comments on my blog at least PRETEND that each entry has at least a tiny element of genius, if only to stroke my fragile ego. No one has to abide by my rules, but they sure make me giggle and feel powerful to make them…

On my desk at work I have framed a piece of paper, which contains the anonymous opinions my employees at the time had of me. I was reading these snippets today and thought it would be worth sharing, at the very least so any readers I have left might know that at least somewhere, I do a good job at things. Not here on my blog always… but at least somewhere….

And so, recorded verbatim for all posterity:

“Sensitive but strong. Very knowledgeable, eager to help but always encourages everyone to explore to discover their potential and gain more self-confidence. Sense of humor and makes everyone feel a part of the team.”

“Very creative, fair and friendly.”

“Tasha is such a great supervisor, she is so hard working, easy to talk to and help our team whenever it is needed.”

“Extremely calm with members! Your patience level is amazing. Upbeat, smiling, and always ready to help anyone and everyone.”

“Tasha has more creativity in her little finger then I do in my whole body. I am amazed at how well she balances work with home life.”

“Tasha looks at things from all angles, she rarely gets worked up, and she handles problems eagerly, efficiently and well. She is funny with a great sense of humor and keeps things fair.”

“Fair and balanced, no spin zone, kind and attentive, supportive and sensitive.”

“This girl has got some phone skills! She has one of the toughest jobs in case y’all didn’t know. You know those negative comments that we occasionally get back on our comment cards or surveys? Well guess who has to call these people to try to smooth things out…. That’s right, miss Tasha! And let me tell you, she does one heck of a job! I can only imagine what’s flowing into her ear on the other end, but through all of it she remains very friendly and completely understanding. Very impressive Tasha!”

“She really has lots of patience with me and members also. She has soothing and calm voice just listen to her. But whenever I look at her she thinks I have questions or problems ;o).”

“Very knowledgeable.”

“She is the most patient person I am lucky enough to know. She is so creative and talented. She manages to juggle work and profitable fun and family and life. WOW!”

And so it goes that at least once in my career here, I have been liked.

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Cindy said...

You are so clever to frame that as a daily reminder of how your staff see you. And yes grasshopper even when you use your Free Blogger Pass you put the rest of us to shame with your clever, witty thoughts.