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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

New Mantra

I've decided to take up a new mantra, one of those oldies but goodies that can serve quite well when used properly. The new mantra began in earnest this morning; "everything is temporary."

It's serving me well as my leg is swelling up again, keeping me from properly exercising the way I say I want to; it's serving me well as I went out to my car yesterday morning and found some heathens had taken my stereo again; and it's serving me well as I weighed myself on the scale this morning and found it creeping up quite a bit due to the leg (and my return to poor eating habits, but shhhh).

I did get the carpets shampooed this weekend (perhaps moving all the furniture by myself wasn't the best thing for the leg), and spent some lovely time outside on a blanket reading, in lovely view of Lake Pleasantville. About seven Qubicle Quilts and four QQ Teenies will soon be on their way to Alaska, which can only mean a renewed fervor in the sewing studio is not too far behind.

And I promise to post pictures for this post tonight....

I'm grateful that I have a leg that can swell up and that I'm alive and well otherwise, that even though the kids keep getting sick it's an excuse for them to cuddle up next to me in bed, and that I have a job that challenges me to the point of exhaustion some days. Yee haw!

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