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Saturday, June 21, 2008


I promised to post pictures the very night of my last entry, but as you can very well see, that did not happen. Since I'm at a loss for a subject to write about today but with a great deal of things to take care of on the To Do list, I thought I'd upload the pictures on my camera (finally) and see what we have. So, without further ado...

Exhibit A:

War wound from last weekend's foolish "I'll move the nine million pound treadmill by myself so I can shampoo the carpets" experiment. Really cool bruises just don't photograph as well as one would hope.

Thing Two:Picture of now mostly grown up Lavender balancing precariously on the railing of the stairs. Soon after I snapped this photo she decided she was not very good at balancing precariously. It seems like only yesterday that we brought these two little kitties home...

And now even though it is horribly embarrassing to show the 'before' pictures, I simply MUST show the fruits of a full two days of my labor last weekend; crawling around on hands and knees going through a full bottle of stain remover, moving entire rooms full of furniture hither and yon, and carrying a two million pound rented carpet shampooer while limping up a flight of stairs.

After:Furniture Moved by still-a-bit-gimpy Tasha:

Solstice (who was not feeling well). Notice the dry toast Nurse Luna made for her brother:

And lastly, pictures of all the Qubicle Quilts I've had here at the homestead while listed on Etsy, which I feel would be doing a much better job of selling if they were at the gallery in Alaska. So anyone traveling up there this summer be sure to check out my lovelies at Half Moon Creek!
So you see, even when I'm silent it is not that I am doing nothing.

I am grateful for life.

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Ethel said...

OH My Gawd!!!! Lucy you have been busy!