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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Hello Hello

I owe a debt of gratitude to my friend Jennifer for reminding me that I'm not dead, and so have no real excuse for not posting to my blog. I don't know what has kept me away for so long, except to admit that I've been stuck in a bit of the doldrums for some months now. Not wanting to exert any energy into putting negativity out into the world I though it best to hold back for a bit... A bit that turned into a month and a half. But here I am again, saying hello to anyone that will still have me. I feel an upswing is on the horizon and things will soon be shiny and happy once again. Probably as soon as I start sewing again, which begs one answer the creative person's chicken/egg dilemma - do I have to be happy to create, or does creating make me happy? Riddle me that, Batman!

Grateful things: My two favorite people in the world are thriving and loving life; it's always darkest before the dawn; Sara and my other friends who let me work through things out loud; and my job, which has become every bit as challenging as I need it to be. I am learning some amazing lessons about needing to dance now, because you only have one life.

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Anonymous said...

Ah Grasshopper its so good to hear your optimistic self again. Its good to know I'm not the only person in your life chanting "Create, Create" I've missed our quilt store forages and idea exchanges. (I also brought all the scraps back home with me yesterday).