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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Day 2 of the blog!

I've spent most of today working on changing my website so it felt like something a little more 'me'. Being a small business owner on the scale that I am (teeny tiny) means that anything I want done I have to do myself. I have no accountant, no marketing team, no web designer, no staff. Because of that, I've had to fake a lot of things, and my website was one of the biggest. The old site used a pre-made template designed for a beauty shop, complete with sponge curler pink colored background. I set it up about two years ago and then promptly forgot about it. In the last two weeks I've realized how embarrassed I've been about showing anyone my thrift store site, which I think any real marketing person would tell you is the opposite of the type of effect you want to have. So I've put the time into it, and now hopefully with my new focus on getting some things listed on, I will start to see some seriously positive changes. "Change is gon' come!" And when I get this whole thing sorted out a bit better and I get a little more organized, I'll start posting more pictures and some quotes. Until then I need to tackle my art space, because I'm a pretty messy creator. Here's just a small taste of just how bad things can get after a session of makin'~~~>

Which brings me to the quote of today:
"Nothing will work unless you do."
-Maya Angelou

Now ain't that the truth!


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Anonymous said...

It sure looks like you know what you're doing, great sight and awesome quilts. You inspire me!