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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Catching Up (snippets of creativity)

I almost forgot about my renewed efforts to keep up my blog!

Rest assured dear reader(s), that I am here now, and our time apart has only served to make the heart fonder.  And so, in order to prove to you how SERIOUS I am about my Pledge for Daily Creativity, I will recap:

Friday, January 8th - Creativity involved hiding Scootchie's chair under the table at the restaurant whilst he was up at the buffet.  After standing to eat on his birthday was deemed "not as much fun as it looked,"  Scootch refused to sit by me.  Later in the evening he admitted that I actually AM as funny as I think I am.

Saturday, January 9th - Creativity was all about finding a way to protect our blind dog Blue from Argus's well-meaning-yet-vicious attacks.  We decided that a suit of chainmail would not be a feasible solution, and instead made plans to make Blue an Impenetrable Coat of Protection - so we went to the store and bought a pattern to make Blue a coat out of fleece, with a duck cloth exterior for protection.  You see, while chainmail may be too heavy for a 30 pound blind dog to lug around, fleece and duck cloth won't.  And what dog doesn't want his own Carhartt's?

Sunday, January 10th - Creativity meant finding ways to hide the mistakes that arise when I follow a pattern.  Not for Blue's Impenetrable Coat of Protection (which hasn't been started yet), but for my dear friend Sara's baby bedding, which I was hurriedly trying to finish before she had the baby.  Too Late.  Baby born last night.

Monday, January 11th - A creative conversation with Scootch about Luna's Safety Patrol commitments.  I should probably spare you the details (which I already reenacted for my co-worker, who replied that we need our own show)... Let me just say that Scootch let me know that he took Luna's Safety Patrol commitment VERY seriously, being a fellow public safety officer (err... Corrections Sergeant at the prison, for those who were not aware).  I used my creative thinking skills to remark that I was once in the patrol field myself, and that times were very different then.  "My beat was the fast lane of Midway Boulevard.  People didn't heed 'School Zone' speed limit warnings in those days.  I put my life on the lane every day in the name of the fluorescent orange."  I think we both laughed until we peed ourselves, which happens a lot more often now that Scootch has turned 41.

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