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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Oh the Humanity!

I have just returned from a WHIRLWIND two day trip for work to Beaverton Oregon, which meant that I spent my Valentine's Day in a room full of other Branch Managers and People of Importance and couldn't spend the day crying into my Cheerios. At our catered lunch of pizza and salad, I did decide to choose for myself the HEART shaped cookie out of the plastic clamshell of choices, and felt that somehow my heart shaped cookie was a sign that NEXT Valentine's will be much better. I mean really... it can't get any worse than the year husband number one told me weeks in advance that he had a "surprise" for me, then told me on THAT day (he waited until VALENTINE'S DAY???! Yep... that's the kinda gent I married at 20) that he was leaving me. Ahhh.... memories. So I'm holding out this time for the kinda guy that won't send me messages that require a translator, that doesn't drive a Hummer, that can keep up with my acerbic wit, that picks the RIGHT 5 songs, and that doesn't save bad news for momentous occasions, thereby ruining said occasions for the remainder of time. That's a good list to start with!

So now I feel a duty to share with you the embarrassing events of Friday/Saturday; in which I injured myself playing soccer with the big boys when I've only played twice, sat for 4 hours at the "Urgent" Care facilities to see what the heck I did, and hobbled out on crutches to dinner with my kiddos, Aunt, Mom, and Grandma and flirted with the waiter.
How the heck am I going to lose 30 more pounds in the next three months if I'm on crutches?!


Cindy said...

You could let that leg dangle off the side of your exercise bike thus giving yourself a much more aerobic but decidedly uneven workout (be careful of that free wheeling spare pedal...I imagine it would hurt if it clipped your shin) or maybe a slow steady one legged hop on the treadmill (holding on for dear life of coarse) sorry I forgot the treadmill needed replacing. You are going to be resigned to one legged dancing....just use the crutches..thats a workout all by itself. You will do it...quit are doing great!

Cindy said...

Oh my Gawd!! did I miss you flirting with the waiter, no wonder you got your H2O filled so much....oh balderdash now I do feel old!!

Anonymous said...

I just happened on your blog and MUST comment on your ex-husband's form!!! Oh my goodness gracious! That man is sadistic and you are SO better off without someone so completely heartless. To get off on planning that for a special occasion. Truly sick. Women don't need men. Men need women. You'll be just fine. And hooray for the heart shaped valentine cookie you treated yourself with!!!! Keep looking up.