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Sunday, March 2, 2008


The surgery is over, and I have survived mostly unscathed... with virtually all of my pre-surgery fears proven unfounded. Having pre-surgery fears cannot be helped really, when you have the type of doctor who says in your pre-op appointment "You don't need to worry about the anesthesia at all, if you REALLY want something to worry about, you need to worry about the actual surgery. THAT'S where all the really bad stuff can happen...". And if that wasn't enough, at about 2am the morning of surgery the thought occured to me that I'd be operated on lying on my stomach in one of those back-baring hospital gowns. I couldn't sleep after that, and quickly sent messages to anyone who would talk to me at that hour asking whether I would be able to wear underwear during surgery. The universal answer which got my heart pounding erratically? No. The actual truth? Yes. Never listen to your friends at 2am... they're not likely to be comforting.

So I'm recuperating nicely at my Mom's house, spending my time between the couch and a chair and the occasional torture of having someone put an 8 hour recorded-from-PBS VHS tape into the tv and leaving me, helpless. I haven't had to take any of the doctor prescribed pain medication, and other than only sleeping an hour the first night, things seem to be going along just swimmingly. Now if only I could shower!

I'm greatful for the remote control, the first two seasons of Arrested Development on DVD, cherry Pop-Tarts, and having painted my toenails two days before surgery. Oh yeah, and my family has been pretty great too. Woo Hoo!


industrialpoppy said...

Yikes! Hope you're feeling better soon-I am enjoying the blog!

Cindy said...

Having been banished to the other room for the purpose of doing homework. I want you to know I adore those 5 little painted piggies poised so high in the air at such a rakish angle! A fine monolith indeed! I'm glad we could work this out here and am sorry bout the paid ad for 60's country/western was I to know it was at the end of that fascinating video?

Sara said...

Arrested Development...sigh. I love it. I am so happy you are finally appreciating it to it's fullest. Gob Bluth. Tobias Funke. It's all so glorious.
Happy, happy times.

dottie angel said...

you just said in your last few words my thoughts the minute i saw your lovely plastered leg..."thank god she painted her nails" the bare arsed bit is so much easier to bear if one's toe nails are painted...why is that i wonder


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