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Thursday, December 27, 2007

O Christmas Tree!

My Mom goes ALL OUT when it comes to decorating for Christmas, so I feel like I've spent the past week in some kind of show house... which is what it actually was, since my Mom's mini-town does a Christmas Home Tour ever year of which she was a part. So for your viewing enjoyment, I have a small sampling of the splendour that is Grandma's Home for the Holidays...

The french doors from the living room to the sunroom, where the tree (and presents!) were:

This is our Santa, Guardian of the Christmas Tree. This year we let him sit down, but normally he stands about five and a half feet tall holding a lantern. My Mom made him a few years ago

The view from the living room coffeetable (which my Mom made over 30 years ago) toward the sun room

Can you believe this is just the spot over the kitchen sink?

This is the dining room...
Doesn't every house have a snowman collection in the dining room?
Shouldn't every house decorate with cake domes?And of course no Christmas would be complete without plenty of Santas...

Um... does anyone else decorate their bathroom also?
So I was fortunate enough to spend my holidays surrounded by all that you see here (and more!), knitting. Could it get any better than that?


Heather said...

I am just now reading this wonderful post. Funny I never thought of mom's wonderland as such. I love being surrounded in such Christmas splendor everytime I go over. But helping set it up and put it away...I volunteer to work anywhere else!!! HA!

Cindy said...

I hate to use your sisters blog as a family posting but I could use some help putting it away......Heather???
Tasha???....I have fabric for you and its that awesome fabric that you covet....ANYONE? ANYONE?