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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

All I Want for Christmas

My DEAR Mother asked me to "start thinking" about what I want for Christmas this year. START thinking?! Oh Mommie, that's ALL I think about these days! And since I have nothing else to blog about, I thought I could share with all my dearest friends here...

  1. Treadmill
  2. Truckload of Partylite Winter Solstice scented candles of all sizes
  3. A trip to Tahiti
  4. An intelligent, funny, sexy man who does not drive a Hummer for pleasure purposes or wear hats made of straw, and would never DREAM of saying "Good Luck finding a man who loves your kids as much as I did" after he has cheated on me
  5. Enough snow to build a proper snow man, but not so much I can't safely get to work
  6. Someone to organize my sewing area, so I can make up for lost time
  7. That all my knitted presents fit everyone they're made for (without me having to fool with knitting a gauge swatch first)
  8. World Peace
  9. Hillary Clinton in the White House. NOW!


Bonny said...

Too cute - I used to sell Partylite (but I don't have any Winter Solstice left!) I'd also love a trip to Tahiti (or the Bahamas, or Jamaica - anywhere warm really!). As far as the guy - he may appear when you least expect it - hold out for him - you deserve a good one :)

dottie angel said...

that's a pretty good list you got going there...i must go and attend to mine and in the meantime don't forget to clock watch tomorrow, i'm arriving just before one :)

Di said...

I like your list!!